Letter from Mary Wexford Scotti to Jane Gould, November 18, 1971

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18 November 1971
 Jane Gould
 11 Milbank
 Dear Jane, 
 As you know the Women's center is having a poster content
 fat 4 sign to place on the door of our office. Re are
 looking for scathing original and striking that will make
 people want to can in and find out have about the Women's Center and what it in doing.
 We would like you to help us choose an appropriate poster from
 anon: the entries we have recieved we would also like to
 invite you to our Office waning Party, on Thursday, November
 23rd in our office at 101Barnard Hall  3:30 to 5:00 pm.
 I hope: you will be able to accept both invitations.
 nary ilexfotd Sootti.
 Administrative Coordinator
 same letter to:
 Nancy Jacobs, CAO, Mclntosh
 Anthony Henderson, 401D Barnard
 Dorothea Nyberg, 301A Barnard
 Stephanie Barron, 616