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          13 Decofier 1971

Professor Clive I.-zessler
411 D Milbank

Dear Professor Keuler:

on Tuesday, January 11th, at 8900 paw, in the Bernard gunasiun,
the Barnard Women's Canter is sponsoring a panel on that vexed
subject: male chanvinism at Columbia, asking if it exists; and

if it does, 1113115 1!: means and what might be done about it. We

am asking six fiiattaguisimd caluubiz men to be m the panel...
President ucsill has genaromly consented to be a number. and we
woulé very much appraéitte it if you, too, could participate. The
panel will, as far as we know, he the first on which Calumbia men
have publicly adéressad theuaslves to the questions.

The panel will be moderatad by a woman, probably one frm the city,
but not Cohunbia. Each man will ha asked to speak for five to

can minut-as and than to cake quanttans from the floor. I expect that
the qnestians will be farurmging aad yrcnrocative. The purpose of
the panel is an try to discover what real cement the words "male L
chauviniam" may or may not have within the University.

that audience will consist; mostly of n£era of the university community.
we are charging a small admission fee for the benefit of the Barnard
Lawyers’ Gonuittee, a firoup of Barnard alumnae in the legal profession
who have cansemzad to serve as a legal referral service for woman.

A pnphlat about the Centat is enclosed for you tlfomntion. If you
have any quaszztous, I shall ha glad to try to answer them. ‘the
Center‘s phone is 280-2067. I very much hope you will be able to

join us.»


Catharine R. Stinpeon


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