Letter from Frederic Herter to Catharine Stimpson, December 8, 1971

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College of Physicians 8’ Surgeons of Columbia University New York, N. Y. 10032

DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY 630 wggt 163th street

December 8, 1971

Prof. Catharine R. Stimpson The Women's Center

Barnard College

606 West 120th Street

New York, N.Y. 10027


Dear Professor Stimpson:

Thank you so much for your letter of December 3rd, with its invitation to to participate in the discussion of Tuesday evening, January 11th. Much as I would enjoy being with you on that evening, I regret to say that I have already committed myself to a surgical meeting at the Academy of Med- icine.

My regrets are genuine. Laurie Auchincloss and I have engaged in some friendly but heated exchanges on this topic in the past, and I am sure she has designated me as an ardent male chauvinist. My adversary role I should like to add, has applied only to the role of women in my own parti- cular specialty, general surgery, and is based on the dis- astrous experience we have had in this department over the past twenty years. That is the beginning and the end of my prejudice, and I admit to some mellowing in my attitudes as the years pass. Don't tell Laurie this - I would hate to lose her as a formidable antagonist.

Thank you again for your most kind invitation. Very sincerely yours,

« JA/«.fl94_/-'TL...-~’

Frederic E. Herter, M. D. FPH:o