Barnard Lawyers' Committee, meeting at Columbia Club, November 16, 1971, page 1

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Meeting at Columbia Club
Some consensus: -

1. That there should be a Barnard Lawyers Comittee

2. That it should neither be so parochial as to serve "only"
the Barnard Community, nor so diffuse as to be ineffective—
or devoid of a purpose for existing as a group.

3. That as a first project, it should concentrate on
employment problems of women -- all women -— taking cases
on an individual basis from the Women's Center or

from the Placement office or otherwise.

4, That possible concurrent projects should be:

(a) Handbook on Women's Rights

(b) Newsletter
_ (c) Lobbying (consider, in this respect, the
advisability of setting it up as a tax-exempt organization)

(d) Lecture series on where to go for services, both
legal services and womens services in general

5. Possible later projects could be
(a) Test litigation '

(b) »

To be included in next mailing:

Minutes of the last meeting.

List, insofar as we know, of organizations and
individuals active in the field who are providing some services

List of groups and leads in connection with our
first undertaking. Eleanor Norton; Susan Della Ross
(EEOC, Wash, D.C.); Harriett Rabb (Columbia Law School
Professor); Beverly Gross; Barbara Boyle(sp.?) - IBM Armonk;
Ellie Eliot mentioned someone (?).


Minimum followup needed to get project off the
ground -- get someone knowledgeable to meet with us on this
subject. See who among us has special skills - could possibly
do screening, strategy, policy.