Possible legal or quasi-legal programs in which the Center might involve itself, 1971, page 1

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          Possible Legal or Quasi—legal programs in which
the Center might involve itself

1. Lecture series by experts in various fields on wofmen 's
rights under the law. Held at Barnard/Columbia, but open to
the public.

2. Consider legal counselling program staffed 1 or 2 days a week
for several hours a day by volunteer lawyers or volunteer law
students. Could involve a referral to other lawyers or appropriate

Question: only for Barnard family? for women in the neighbor-
hood? for any woman?

3. Compilation of handbooks on women's legal rights in fields

of particular relevance to Barnard family.) Could be based on
lectures to be given, but expanded for publicati n. If success-
ful, perhaps attempt to get financing for distributing outside

of Barnard. Possible topics: employment discrimination;

family planning] contraception, abortion; consumer rights;
landlord-tenant law; rights of unemancipated minors; family law.

4. Preparttion of model bills (le islative drafting) on subjects

of concern to women, and lobbying within limits so as to retain
tax—exempt status) to achieve passage of same; e.g. income tax
revision to provide childcare deductions for working women;
government (city or state to supplement recent federal legislation)
financed day care facilities for women of all income levels;
maternity leave for working and teaching wives and husbands with

no loss of seniority or other accumulated rights; industry financed
daycare centers for children of employees; revision of eviden-
tiary requirement for proof of identity in rape cases .

5. Availability of file of interested volunteer lawyers to work
on whatever relevant test case that may arise.

6. Organization of pressure groups to initiate change in selected
areas -4 mostly in the administrative sphere. Lawyers could help
in organizing these pressure groups but need not be only lawyers
working on it.