Letter from Julie Marsteller to Catharine Stimpson, October 4, 1971, page 1

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Barnard College


omen or THE ARCHIVIST October 4, 1971

Catherine R. Stimpson
Chairman, Executive Comittee
The Women's Center

Dear Miss Stimpson:

Ever since the Barnard Women's Center was first
thought of, I have been interested in it. I will be
delighted to serve on its Ad Hoc Library Committee.
Thank you for considering me.

Next week I will be attending the annual convention

of the Society of American Archivists in San

Francisco. As I am on the SAA Committee for College

and University Archives, I hope to get an idea of

what institutions across the country are doing in

the area of Women's Studies.

Yours truly,

V. /Y3 
ulie V. Marsteller
College Archivist