Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Robert Palmer, October 1, 1971, page 1

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          Barnard College


1 October 1971

Robert B. Palmer
204 Lehman

Dear Mr. Palmer,

As you know, the Barnard Women's Center has been established
to help coordinate programs about women within the College. It seems
vital for the College to have a solid collection of books by and about
women in the Library, for the use of faculty, staff, and students,
whether or not they are actually a part of a Women's Studies course.
However, it also has become apparent, I believe, that we might use-
fully devise a general policy about what kind of a collection, what
kind of books, might be best to have

Because of your interest in these matters, and because of your
past involvement with the library, I was wondering if you would serve
on the Ad Hoc Library Comittee for the women's Center. The committee
would work with the librarian, on thinking through ways in which
Barnard could acquire, display, and circulate books by and about women.
It will serve an absolutely necessary function, and I hope very much
you will be able to be a part of it.


Chairman, Executive Commi tee
The women's Center