Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Eleanor Tilton, October 1, 1971

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1 October 1971

\l:-rot. Eleanor u. rucon

Department of loglieh 421 Barnard Ilall

Dear Prof. Tiltoo:

Le you how. the Bax-nerd lleuetfla Center ha been eetabliehod to help coordinate prong about veueo within the lollege. It eeeue vital to: the college to have a eelid eolleotioa oi boohe by and about women in the Library, for the uee of faculty, etatt, and etudente. whether or not they are actually a part of a woneo'e studies ooueoe. However, it lleo hae become apparent, I believe, that we night use- fully oeviee e gene:-el polio) obout what kind o! a collection. what. kind of hooke. night he beet to have.

neoauee of your intereot in theee utters, and heoauee of your paat iowolveeent with the librery, I wee wondering if you would eerve on the Ad lloohliirery couittee tor the woaee'e center. The oonittee would work with the Librarian. on thinking through waye in which loroard could acquire, dually. and oiroulate book! by and ebout Hula. It will eerwe an ebeolutely oeoeoeety luotieo. ea! 1 hope very much you will be able to be e part of it.


Gatharioo 8.. Btiapeoo chairaao, Executive couittee The wouen’e center

one same letter to:\'Io1a S. Haverstick, 179 East 70th Street, NYC 10021 ‘Robert B. Palmer, 204 Lehman - VJu1ie V. Marateller, 103 Lehman Prof. Suzanne F. Wemple, 8A Lehman

Q2 "Because of y ur interest in these matters, I was wondering if you

would serve..." 12 Marilyn Harris,  //ewLé_L