Memo from Robert Palmer to Martha Peterson, regarding the Helen Rogers Reid gift, September 22, 1971, page 5

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Page 2 - Books Given to Barnard College



(Inscribed or Autographed)


Rosa, Marvin C. (foreword by Ivkxrjoflo
Morriweathor Post)

The Art of Karl Faberge

Lead Lindly Light


Complete Poems

Personal History

The Challenge of Scandinavia

women and Economics
Hafiz in Sauatrains

Once on Christznaa

Music Reviewed, 1940-1954
One world

The Airma.n‘s World

Shown, Vincent
Sheean, Vincent
Sandburg, Carl
Sheean, Vincent
$’h1rer, William L.
Shomell, James
Stetson, Charlotte Perkins (fl.R.'a,1902)
Strait, Clarence
Thompson, Dorothy
Thompson, Virgil
Hillkie, Wendell
Wilson, Gill Robb

Textbooks Used by H.R.R.

St. Lukas Gospel ‘(In Hebrew) whiten: Gmxmaar School Texts

Byron _ Tho Engliah Poets in Pictures
Shelley V - e The English Poets in Pioturea
The First 313: Books of Homefla Iliad . 

A Go:-ma Grainzzar for Sohoolo and colleges

Xenophoxfls Anabaaio - Seven Books

Heath's, French‘ and English Dictionary

Allen and Greonough'a Iatin Grzsunmr

A Lexicon abridged from Liddoll and Scott's Greekn-English Lmdcon

Books with Eorewords by Helen Rogers Reid

Second Book of Buckley Verse

Bugbee, Emma Peggy Covers the News

Barnard College - Mo2*ba.rboard - 1903 - H. R. R. was Busineao Manager