Memo from Robert Palmer to Martha Peterson, regarding the Helen Rogers Reid gift, September 22, 1971, page 4

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          Alexander, Lloyd 
Armtrong, Hamilton Fish “l
Benat, Stephen Vincent

Bmndon, Dorothy & Sch.e1der,AJ.fred F; ’

Bmndon,‘ Dorothy & Nhrva Hasselblad
Brown, John Mason l
Bruce, Jamas

Gannon. Poppy


con11er,.Amrew§ w. 8: Footefirlilder
Coulee, Fleur ’
Cnulcshank, R. J.

Cullmsm, Marguerite

Dahl, Roald

Dahl, Roald

Dulles, Allen

Ernst, Morris L.

Finletter, Thomas

*F1n1et.ter, Gratohen

Gallup, George

Garrett. ._

Gerarfi, James W.

Gzllclaraleeve, Virginia. 0.


Bagedorn, fiermann

Hayes, Helen

Heohinger, Fred

Higgins, hhrguerite
Kouuenhoven, John A.

‘****K'L1bi9, Dru Lo 3.

Lamont,  Thomas
Lamont, Thomas 3.
List‘, Alfred
Lindbergh, Anne 1"k>z'row
Lindbergh, Charles
Long, J. C.

Nhasey, Vincent

M.-ark, Julius

Ma.u.'Ld1n, William

“W” Meata, Perle



M1ller,Wm. J. - Robertsfienry L. - 8:
Shulman, Marshall D.

Miller, Alice Duet

Miller, Alice Duer

M11119, Halter .

Nixon, Rdlchard M.

Noyes, Pierrepont B.

Pratt, Dallas


Post, 0. \-3._

be Diana
Fa  .


E Books Given to Burmrd College -
gm (Inscribed or Autographed)

.9;-1-. **8eventeéth'C:13nti1;;f1*’kLI'y11Ar¥3,& biblioamp

;\-«we §}‘*ffi88&ha§3‘€é' 1$y%-:‘:;¢

Fifty Years in the Doghouse

Tito and Goliath .

John Brown's Body '

The Ma.7£ Schling Book of Indoor Gardening
Lucky-Luclcy - A Nursem Story of Life at
Many A Watchful Night 7 ~_V
Those Perplexing Arggentines
A Gentle Knight
The Canopener Book
The Quest for Peace
Boody Precedent
Dickens (2) (‘_
Occupation: Angel  
The Gremlins by Walt Disney (based on mums story) 
Some: one Likes You .
The Craft of Intelligence

A Love Affair with the Law

Power and Policy

From the Top of the Stairs

The Miracle Ahead '
John 2% Work Garrett and his Libmry at Evergreen 
My First 83 Years in America /(M ,, 5 (House 
l" ‘l   ’
Eighteen Acres Under Glass   *‘ 
Behind the Curtain 1;,  (56;  M ;
A Fragnant of £mtab1ogmphy",3.,l,   -V
while There is Time _ ' _ _ . 

A my/,5 out at‘ Joy 

An Aaventure in Educationl "

war in Korea 

The Beer Can by the Highway

Pmctioal and Theoretical M

Across the world Frontiers =

Things to "Se Remembered '

People who Care A ~
The Steep Ascent §-
Spirit of St. Louis 3
George III ~—Aa. biography
Mamoirra of Vincent Faasey
Reaching for the Moon

 « ‘<' r:‘

23. flospital :
(in Vietnam 

(Dag Hgxmmrskj old)

—a-4: _ , _,. A,—.:.<  -.5,


Back Home  J
Mv Story ' l  > 
The Meaning of Gornmuniam V  ” , *

Poem: A-- Caroline and :'a.l1cc;'-sVDuar .

Selected Poems  ‘ '

 Arms and Men

31:: Crises ' ‘ 7

Gentleman: You are Mad 1 -- intro by Bazmard Baruch
The Darkened Glass  . ' l
The Scandalous Mr. Bennett  l 3
The Hour and the 5% Man 1 ’
my Aunt Mmcme l
«mm Day of Trinity by Lansing Lamont

*W** Moses and Egypt by Henry S, Néeidlinger