Memo from Robert Palmer to Martha Peterson, regarding the Helen Rogers Reid gift, September 22, 1971, page 2

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          (Parke-Bernet designations)


Reld Decorations *

Brazil A bronze awe ‘filer Honor
Belgium A royul decoration in bronze and enamel
Cuba Awurde for loyalty; silver and bronze, enamel
France Decorations for: 1. Honor and patriotism, 1870, in silver and enamel
04 pieces)
2. Loyalty to France, bronze
Hungary Award for loyalty, 1881
Italy Award for loyalty in gold and enamel
Mexico Award for loyalty, in bronze
Prussia Award for loyalty, 1876, in silver and enamel
Scotland 1, in-lard for loyalty insilver
2. Award for service, bronze
Siam Awards for eervice in silver, bronze ena enamel (2 pieoee)

Awards to Helen Rogers Reid
The Theodore Roosevelt.Aeeociation Medal of Honur For Distinguished Service

The John H. Finley Award of the Association Alumni For fiietinguiehed Service to the City of
New York
The Jane Addams Medal for Distingguisahed Service Awarded by Rockford College

Medallion of Valor presentoé by Mrs. Eleanor Rooseielt at the Bond—Between-Us Luncheon

Hadessah Award of Honorary Membership in Appreciation of her Early and Continuing
Understanding Friendship for Hedueeh and Israel

Pheta Sigma fhi 1952 Achievement Award
Vase Awarded In grateful Appreciation by the women's Division U. J. A. of Greater New York

Key woman of the Year l9£9 awarded by the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies
P t "G

Baruch, Bernard
Cortiasoz, Royal

Herrick, Elinor

Hoover, Herbert

Ben Gurion an M. Humberg
Miller, Alice Duer

Peter of Yhgoalavia, his wife and daughter
Pundit, Madame

Oche, Adolph 3.

Waller, Helen Hiatt

C. weizman

Vera Ueizen

whitehouse , Vera.