Memo from Robert Palmer to Martha Peterson, regarding the Helen Rogers Reid gift, September 22, 1971

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‘ FRoM__1§3__13§_1r_ILe;.._Lj1_r_>z:as_z'ian



‘rd -Pres. Peterson  - I fiwil V


sugmfif Helen Rogers Reid gift DAIE_S¢Pt- 22. 1971

Enclosed is the listing of books and decorations of Helen Rogers Reid, which we received in late June from'Nhitelaw Reid. The items are stored at the moment in the basement of the library. i

Jane Moorman and I are trying to arrange for a 2-3 case permanent exhibit for the decorations and some inscribed books. I hope that some of the uninscribed books that would be useful to our library might find their way into our work- ing collection with proper acjknowledgement within the books. There could also be some temporary exhibits of books and decorations from time to time. There is some locked cabinet space available on the 3rd floor of the library that could be used temporarily. Unfortunately it is rather hidden.

Kate Stimpson and I are also going to talk about ‘library resources for the Women's Center‘. The Reid gift could possibly be part of that project, when- ever and wherever that begins.

Sorry to be so indefinite at the moment but until I find out about some space .for-permanent display and more about the Women's Center idea, I am still a little in the dark. ‘

If necessary, I could show you some sample decorations and books from the cartons. I hope, though, we can reach some solution, however temporary, for display space in the near future.



‘  f‘W<'»"W«¢»';‘;-‘: Mt? 

". nu’-«+‘.‘.-. -=.-«. M4 ‘


(Parke-Bernet designations)


Reld Decorations *

Brazil A bronze awe ‘filer Honor Belgium A royul decoration in bronze and enamel Cuba Awurde for loyalty; silver and bronze, enamel France Decorations for: 1. Honor and patriotism, 1870, in silver and enamel 04 pieces) 2. Loyalty to France, bronze Hungary Award for loyalty, 1881 Italy Award for loyalty in gold and enamel Mexico Award for loyalty, in bronze Prussia Award for loyalty, 1876, in silver and enamel Scotland 1, in-lard for loyalty insilver 2. Award for service, bronze Siam Awards for eervice in silver, bronze ena enamel (2 pieoee)

Awards to Helen Rogers Reid The Theodore Roosevelt.Aeeociation Medal of Honur For Distinguished Service

The John H. Finley Award of the Association Alumni For fiietinguiehed Service to the City of New York The Jane Addams Medal for Distingguisahed Service Awarded by Rockford College

Medallion of Valor presentoé by Mrs. Eleanor Rooseielt at the Bond—Between-Us Luncheon

Hadessah Award of Honorary Membership in Appreciation of her Early and Continuing Understanding Friendship for Hedueeh and Israel

Pheta Sigma fhi 1952 Achievement Award Vase Awarded In grateful Appreciation by the women's Division U. J. A. of Greater New York

Key woman of the Year l9£9 awarded by the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies P t "G

Baruch, Bernard Beuverbrook,.Lord Cortiasoz, Royal

Herrick, Elinor

Hoover, Herbert

Ben Gurion an M. Humberg Miller, Alice Duer

Peter of Yhgoalavia, his wife and daughter Pundit, Madame

Oche, Adolph 3.

Waller, Helen Hiatt

C. weizman

Vera Ueizen

Willkie,Nende1l whitehouse , Vera.




Mrs. Reid's Books Given to Barnard

All Signed, one with inscriptiodp;

v o »

Eisenhower, Dwight D.[ Crusade in Europe " " Mandate for Change " " waging Peace

Barnard Books: Meyer, Annie Nathan Barnard Beginninga _ (2)

m11e;;, Alice Duer and  College .. The First Fifty 1'£) Dusan Myers Barnard College Women Varied Eiarvesat (2)

Around the World Clock (electric) ‘H’ {P ‘)5 if ii '1-': ‘K’ 3': '39 ‘:1?

* List of Awards found with them:

1. Polish Order of the Crown

2. Italian Order of the Crown 3. French Legion of Honor

4. Roumunian Order of the Crown 5. Belgian Order of Leopold II 6. Siamese Order of ?

Alexander, Lloyd  Armtrong, Hamilton Fish “l Benat, Stephen Vincent

Bmndon, Dorothy & Sch.e1der,AJ.fred F; ’

Bmndon,‘ Dorothy & Nhrva Hasselblad Brown, John Mason l Bruce, Jamas

Gannon. Poppy


con11er,.Amrew§ w. 8: Footefirlilder Coulee, Fleur ’ Cnulcshank, R. J.

Cullmsm, Marguerite

Dahl, Roald

Dahl, Roald

Dulles, Allen

Ernst, Morris L.

Finletter, Thomas

*F1n1et.ter, Gratohen

Gallup, George

Garrett. ._

Gerarfi, James W.

Gzllclaraleeve, Virginia. 0. Gunther;-Jnhn*


Bagedorn, fiermann

Hayes, Helen

Heohinger, Fred

Higgins, hhrguerite Kouuenhoven, John A.

‘****K'L1bi9, Dru Lo 3.

Lamont,  Thomas Lamont, Thomas 3. List‘, Alfred Lindbergh, Anne 1"k>z'row Lindbergh, Charles Long, J. C.

Nhasey, Vincent

M.-ark, Julius

Ma.u.'Ld1n, William

“W” Meata, Perle



M1ller,Wm. J. - Robertsfienry L. - 8: Shulman, Marshall D.

Miller, Alice Duet

Miller, Alice Duer

M11119, Halter .

Nixon, Rdlchard M.

Noyes, Pierrepont B.

Pratt, Dallas


Post, 0. \-3._

be Diana Fa  .


E Books Given to Burmrd College - gm (Inscribed or Autographed)

.9;-1-. **8eventeéth'C:13nti1;;f1*’kLI'y11Ar¥3,& biblioamp

;\-«we §}‘*ffi88&ha§3‘€é' 1$y%-:‘:;¢

Fifty Years in the Doghouse

Tito and Goliath .

John Brown's Body '

The Ma.7£ Schling Book of Indoor Gardening Lucky-Luclcy - A Nursem Story of Life at Many A Watchful Night 7 ~_V Those Perplexing Arggentines A Gentle Knight The Canopener Book The Quest for Peace Boody Precedent Dickens (2) (‘_ Occupation: Angel   The Gremlins by Walt Disney (based on mums story)  Some: one Likes You . The Craft of Intelligence

A Love Affair with the Law

Power and Policy

From the Top of the Stairs

The Miracle Ahead ' John 2% Work Garrett and his Libmry at Evergreen  My First 83 Years in America /(M ,, 5 (House  l" ‘l   ’ Eighteen Acres Under Glass   *‘  Behind the Curtain 1;,  (56;  M ; A Fragnant of £mtab1ogmphy",3.,l,   -V while There is Time _ ' _ _ . 

A my/,5 out at‘ Joy 

An Aaventure in Educationl "

war in Korea 

The Beer Can by the Highway

Pmctioal and Theoretical M

Across the world Frontiers =

Things to "Se Remembered '

People who Care A ~ The Steep Ascent §- Spirit of St. Louis 3 George III ~—Aa. biography Mamoirra of Vincent Faasey Reaching for the Moon

 « ‘<' r:‘

23. flospital : (in Vietnam 

(Dag Hgxmmrskj old)

—a-4: _ , _,. A,—.:.<  -.5,


Back Home  J Mv Story ' l  >  The Meaning of Gornmuniam V  ” , *

Poem: A-- Caroline and :'a.l1cc;'-sVDuar .

Selected Poems  ‘ '

 Arms and Men

31:: Crises ' ‘ 7

Gentleman: You are Mad 1 -- intro by Bazmard Baruch The Darkened Glass  . ' l The Scandalous Mr. Bennett  l 3 The Hour and the 5% Man 1 ’ my Aunt Mmcme l «mm Day of Trinity by Lansing Lamont

*W** Moses and Egypt by Henry S, Néeidlinger


..... -_

(1 §\

Page 2 - Books Given to Barnard College



(Inscribed or Autographed)


Rosa, Marvin C. (foreword by Ivkxrjoflo Morriweathor Post)

The Art of Karl Faberge

Lead Lindly Light


Complete Poems

Personal History

The Challenge of Scandinavia Poems

women and Economics Hafiz in Sauatrains

Once on Christznaa

Music Reviewed, 1940-1954 One world

The Airma.n‘s World

Shown, Vincent Sheean, Vincent Sandburg, Carl Sheean, Vincent $’h1rer, William L. Shomell, James Stetson, Charlotte Perkins (fl.R.'a,1902) Strait, Clarence Thompson, Dorothy Thompson, Virgil Hillkie, Wendell Wilson, Gill Robb

Textbooks Used by H.R.R.

St. Lukas Gospel ‘(In Hebrew) whiten: Gmxmaar School Texts

Byron _ Tho Engliah Poets in Pictures Shelley V - e The English Poets in Pioturea The First 313: Books of Homefla Iliad . 

A Go:-ma Grainzzar for Sohoolo and colleges

Xenophoxfls Anabaaio - Seven Books

Heath's, French‘ and English Dictionary

Allen and Greonough'a Iatin Grzsunmr

A Lexicon abridged from Liddoll and Scott's Greekn-English Lmdcon

Books with Eorewords by Helen Rogers Reid

Second Book of Buckley Verse

Bugbee, Emma Peggy Covers the News

Barnard College - Mo2*ba.rboard - 1903 - H. R. R. was Busineao Manager

E 1 ‘i

 0* Gunther, John

“ A

Amory, Clovoland Armstrong. Hamilton Fish

Atwood. William ; ' -

Auoh1noJ_.osVs, Dr. High Barucxx, Bernard ' B031. John R:

Belmont, Eleanor Robson Benet, Stephen Vincent Berlin, Ellin Blackwell, Dr. Elizabeth 39033: 119$ : Bour‘::o—ma.i.te, Margaret Canham, Erwin D. Carson, Rachel Cha.mbers,_Wh;_!.mer Churchill, Winston



Dahl, Roald Dahl, Roald Donovan, Robert J.

A Donovan, Robert. .7.


zsert Ly


Dole, Minot (Minnie) Drury; Roger H,’ .

Felix; Ghristophor Fmnkenyfioae mar,  W. Ct3.JJ.100” Paul CrZ~3.J.liCOj Paul

Gannon,  Gardner, John W. Gibson, Althea Gildersleeve, Virginia Gleuck,‘ Nelson

Gordon,“ John (Oum"cor of whitney Museum) L.Rus‘b(Ed.,Sa.t.Eveng Post)

3116. Hill,

mwGruber,. Ruth

Gunther,’ JOhn Goerner, Fred Hackett, Allen Heahinger, Fred Hersey, John Hersey, John Hiett, Helen Hawthorne, Joseph

K3-1.’3hek , M113 ’ 


*4 ;.K"

Kouwanhoven, John A. a 'I’ho.ddeue3,J.F.)

Kahn, E0 Jo, J1‘: Ianmot, Corliss beuia, Milton A Lippman, Walter one, Eugene

Ballantine , Arthur

H Jensen, Oliver

A M M!

Edited by

Who lfllled Society? Those Days " Still the Most Exciting Country 1878-1947

My Own Story

Pearson of Canada

The Fabric of Memory John Brown's Body Silver Platter Pioneer Work for women Gone with the windsors Portrait of Myself Commitment to Freedom The Sea. Around Us witness

The Gatering Storm Their Finest. Hour

The Hinge of Fate Closing the Ring

Grand Alliance l1rium'ph1and .Tra.g'edy'   James and the Giant. Peach K133 Kiss ’ Eioc-anhowor - Inside Story PT 109 -- John F. Kennedy l Adventures in Skiing    St. Paul's _ 

V4,’,  _‘

C33 <2)l

A short Gouuae -» Searrat  when All is Said and Done‘ A Sell‘--Renewal  l Mrs. "Farris Goes to ?o.r18-‘ Mrs. 'Arr:1.s Goes to New York Cardinal Spel1mn'a Story Excellence

I Always Wanted to Be Somebody A Hoard for winter

Rivers in the Desert

New Yo I‘!/C, New York .

Puerto Ricm Island of P1"om:J.se_

zgms Inside Africa 2

The Search for Amelia Earhart

Quiokonod Spirit. - Biography, Fmnl£'3.- H&c1i61'/0 The Big Red Schoolhouse l_

A Single Pebble

The Child Buyer

‘at A rggawt ‘fife gggopopoctive ‘

The Sure Victory V when We a Look at Men as Wozc oi‘ Suope Freedom is as Fmadom Does: V David white, Crime fixotographer

Childa and Rgigton — Waltezf Lippman and His Times

Savid Sarnof Uncle Charlie - Sir William and Iflisovcourt The Revolt of America women V. V

A Fragment of Autobiography

Us  ‘-.... .. "““‘ , Vvwwr

._ — A — o _ . I ‘V-‘.r“§.,*‘;‘\'?\ 991-, x -. ., ‘i'<¢:z.L3.‘L; -: -_ 2‘ .«.-:2 1-; ,,:‘..‘:.;N « 2 "- " . 1'1



U  Ho Lo


The Heritage of Tyre In Defense of Women Gowns by Roberta.

The white Cliffs Cinderella.

wind, Storm and Rain Lincoln's Last Speech Benefits Forgot

The Quality of Life

The Salt Gordon

The Last Great Adventure

Meloney, Villmm Brown


Miller, Alice Duer Miller, Alice Duer Miller, Alice Duer Miller, Denning Mormw, Honore willsio Morrow, Honore willsie Michaner, James A. Namorov, Howard North, John Ouspenslgv, P. D. In Searcli of the Mimculous The Leaf in the Flame Dr. Zvivaga Too Late for Phzalarope R Remembrance of Thinggzs Paot (2) From Immigrant to Inventor:

P-arton, Margaret Pasterrzalc, Boris Paton, Ala

Prus, he M Pupin, Michael



Red Hills of Cottom

Robertson, Ben Collected Poems

Robinson, Edwin A.

R0mnB0n;  An Tristan Roosevelt, Eleanor This I Remember Rose, B111,y Nobody Important mmamcmmt Rosa, Ishbel Child of Destiny Rodgers, Dorothy My Favorite ‘flaws

Ross, Marvin 6. (Foreword by Marjorio Merriwaather Post) Russian Poroolains

Women and Sometimes Men

Scott-Maxwell, Florida Not Peace but on Sword

Shoean , Vincent


Dorothy and Red

Roosevelt and Hopkins

Now is the Time

Four Saints in Three Acts Sweet Thu.rsda.y

Ting-a.-Ling Tales

Mon and Decisions

way of Valor

My Years with General Motors

Sherwood, Robert 11. Smith, Lillian Stein, Gertrude Steinbeck, John Stockton, Frank R. Strauss, Lewis L. Syrkin, Marie

3108-I1, ftlfrfid Fog Jro

Tayloz-,Fmm:1g Honéry (Dir.M2at Museum of Art) Fifty Centuries oi‘ Art

rebel, John David 8o.rno£i' - Putting Electrons to Work

Tomking, Calvin Merchamts and Masterpieces -- The Story of the Met. Museum of Art. ’

Veater, Bertha Stafford our Jerusalem


. 4 xi‘ :1. W ‘ :w.A '8-'3. 1? «L1

‘ "-‘ ‘ ‘ ‘E " "”" “ " “ T“ 53 3 ‘iv’ '7 Ex V5;-‘;_'£i.a#“‘«%ffi?'::x:£:—:w:;::-.9-,3-.»‘



um,   5: '

Holman, Chaim

white, willmm Chapman White, E. B.

wilncie, Wendell

Honk, Rexmn

Wonk, Herman

Beal, John Robinson

Cochran, Jacqueline

Curie, Eve (trans. by Vincent Sheeun) Ernst, Morris L.

Fineltter, Gretchen

Garrett, Garet

Gilmzm, Laurence

Gunther, John

Hadley, Arthur '1'.

Hamrnarskjold, Dag

Hawkins, Eric & Sturdevant, Robert N. Hersey, John % Hohenberg, John

Holbrook, Stewart 1!.

Hyman, Sidney. l Levenatein, Aaron with William Agar Lindbergh, Aknne Morrow

Lippann, Walter

Luce, Henry R.

l*§eJ.€3"L3e1‘S, John


Putnam, George Palmer van Loon, Hendrik Willem '»-Iarburg, Jamées P. Warbzzrg, James P. . blertenbaker, Lael Tucker West, Rebecaa

White, William Allen

India and the west Autobiography Adirondack Country (2) Here is New York

Onefi world (1"b.otogmphic Album Ed tion) Matjorie Momingstar _

The Gaines Mutiny


John Foster Dulles: a Biography

The Stars at Noon

Madame Curie

Pandect of C.L.D.

The Dinner Party

The People's Pottage

Wagner's Operas

The Lost City

The Joy Wagon


Hawlclns of the Paris Hemld

The wall V

Foreign Correspondence: The Great Re rtera and Dreamers of the American Dream V 1 13;‘ Times The Lives of William Benton , . .. Freedom's Advocate: A Twenty-five Year Ghroniale Dearly Beloved V. .

'I‘he Public Philosophy

(Articles written about him at his death) Bugles and  Tiger


Soaring wings - a biolgraphy of Amelia Earhart Our Battle

Hell Bent for Election

Still Hell Bent

Mister Junior

The Birds Fall Down

A Cert;-An Rich Man

V} I u I