Letter from Elly Elliott to Miriam Holden, January 14, 1971, page 2

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          Mrs’. Arthur c. A-Holden -2- 1/14/71

at your collection was a great help in her conviction that such a
course had merit.

A faculty meeting to continue the discussions of the women's pro-
gram is planned for January l8th. At that time my draft proposal
for a library research center, of which you have a copy, will be

aired-along with the new course descriptions above, and an excel-
lent paper from students who~are interested. I will let you know
what results.

with all the news in the papers about women's studies programs
popping up on various campuses, many of us, including the profes-
sors most deeply interested in Barnard's Women's Center, plus Iola
Haverstick and myself, are impatient for our program to be approved,
announced, and begun._ However, my impatience is offset by the con-
viction that establishing an academically sound program for the long
future has to be done in its own good time. Barnard has never been
too easily seduced by tne vogue or the moment (viz. our continued
reluctance to go co-edf) and I feel we are taking reasoned and well-
planned steps now that will result in a program of lasting value to
American education.

With kindest regards to you and Mr. Holden and looking forward to
being in touch with you soon again, I am,

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. John Elliott, Jr.
Chairman, irustee Committee
on Development


Barbara V. Hertz
Director of Development

Enc. 2 V ‘

P.S. - I have asked Mrs. Hertz, our Development Director, to

sign this for me as I am just leaving for a few days in

bcc - All members of Women's Committee