Notes from Iola Haverstick, regarding the Jane Grant collection, 1971, page 1

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1) It is a little difficult for me to comment on what I can barely read. I gather the lady has been ill-- in fact so ill that she cannot write herself much less do anything about Barnard. 

2) Kate should write a little note to whomever signed the Jane Grant letter. She should say that neither Basil Rauch nor herself knew of Miss Grant's illness and of course they both understand why it is not apporporiate to disturb Miss Grant about Barnard (and her books?) at this time. She should send Rauch's and her own best wishes for Miss Grant's recovery (better phrase: she and Rauch hope very much that Miss Grant will be feeling better soon). I would then sign off but Kate could add that she had deard so much about what a fabulous woman Miss Grant is and that she would love to have the privilege of calling on her when Miss Grant feels up to receiving her. Blah, blah.