Letter from Iola Haverstick to Mary Scotti, November 11, 1971, page 1

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          Mas. loLA S. HAVERSTICK

NEW YORK, N. Y. 10021
November ll, I971

Miss Mary Scotti

Coordinator, The women's Center
Barnard College

New York, N.Y. 10027

Dear Mary:

Enclosed is a copy of a letter to Mr. Gordon H.
Meadows-Hills (is that name for real do you think?). I
really have nothing to tell him as I indicated.

Charlotte Boynton sounds fine. will you invite her to
join the Committee for me as I have no idea where to reach
her other than in care of Barnard College which seems
rather vague.

Also enclosed is some material about a course called
"women and Art" currently being given at Vassar which
sounds fascinating.

will you ask Catharine to call me when she has a
minute as I am anxious to firm up the Lenox School group
on the 22nd. I hope there will not be a Faculty Meeting
on that date as I think it is important that she be there
and also Annette Baxter.