Letter from Iola Haverstick to Gordon Meadows-Hills, November 11, 1971, page 1

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          "  .~ V":':"r-' ;v~ w



§. fiortion H. =‘icaa.ioua*Nil!a
311 Carycli court East
Suttla, Washington 93102

Hovmdaer H, 1971

Dear Mr. **uado\us%fii I is:

Mary Scotti, tho coordinator of iaarnard Coiiagfla
Venn‘: cantor, has Foruardad eopiu of the material you
scam to "Fauinist Studios” to an as Chairman of the Cantor‘:
Library Comaittca with tha raquut that I give you aouaa
inforuation about what we are doing at Barnard.

I gather that Iiiu Scotti has in the racantinc sent you a
copy of our woman‘: Cantor brochura which toils aouaathing
about our ovcrbury Coiiaction and what we hope to do.

on a practical love! an are starting to classify the
taatarial in tha ovcrbury Golioction according to suhjcct.
I gathar in will use than Library of Congress Subject hoadinga.

Thorn isn't anything uaora that I can tell you now. but I

«Hi bc happy to ansuar any quutiona you may have about
tho flvorbury coticction.

Good tick on your arm t. You may want to writ: to
tho librarian at Smith a tags as I undaratand that thcy
have an sort of colicctiou an woman thara.

Sinccrciy yours,

copy to Mary Scotti