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          Included Both on Microfiche and in Full-Size Printed Form: Complete Inventories, Subject and Main-Entry Catalogs


Badin, Norbert.
FAMILY PAPERS, 1829-1900
(mainly 1870-1890).
684 items and 56 bound volumes.
Business and personal papers of a free Negro planter
of Melrose, Louisiana, and family. The bound
volumes are largely pamphlets from the popular
literature of the period.

Bateman, Mary.
DIARY, 1856.
1 bound volume.
Diary of a young girl living with relatives at Argyle
Plantation, near Greenville, Mississippi.

Bond, Priscilla “Mittie”Munnikuysen.
DIARY, 1857-1869.
86 items and 2 bound volumes.
Diary of life on a sugar plantation in Louisiana
during the Civil War.

Bringier, Louis Amedee.
PAPERS, 1876-1901.
599 items and 14 bound volumes.
Personal, business, and military correspondence
and plantation records of a prominent Louisiana
family of French extraction.

Burruss, John C.
FAMILY PAPERS, 1825-1882.
407 items.
Papers of three generations of a Methodist family,
chiefly relating to early Methodism in Mississippi
and to the religious justification of slavery, but
also including business and plantation records and
military correspondence.

Capell, Eli J.
FAMILY PAPERS, 1817-1900
(mainly 1839-1889).
298 items.

Capell, Eli J.
TION PAPERS, 1840-1900 (mainly 1842-1890).
1,002 items.
Correspondence and business papers of a merchant
planter and his family in Mississippi including two
letters from Jefferson Davis. Also included are
plantation diaries and other records of the Pleasant
Hill Plantation, Amite County, Mississippi.

Cartwright, Samuel A.
FAMILY PAPERS, 1826-1864.
67 items and 2 bound volumes.
Correspondence and other writings on medical,
political, and racial topics of this professor of
“Negro Medicine.”

Chelette, Atala.
FAMILY PAPERS, 1819-1900
(mainly 1840-1899).
160 items.
Personal papers of a free Negro family of Natchi-
toches Parish, Louisiana, including an act of manu-
mission, 1819.

Duncan, Stephen.
FAMILY PAPERS, 1846-1899.
255 items and 11 bound volumes.
Correspondence, business papers, diaries, and both
personal and plantation records of two generations
of a wealthy Mississippi family.

Hilliard, Mrs. Isaac H.
DIARY, 1849-1859, 1866.
1 bound volume.
Diary of the wife of an Arkansas planter with
descriptions of travels in Louisiana, Mississippi,
and Kentucky.

Jenkins, John C.
FAMILY PAPERS, 1840-1900
(mainly 1840-1855).
89 items and 13 bound volumes.
Papers of a planter and experimental agriculturalist
and horticulturist.

Liddell, Moses St. John R.
FAMILY PAPERS, 1813-1900
(mainly 1838-1870).
6,261 items and 49 bound volumes.
Extensive papers of a wealthy and influential
Mississippi and Louisiana family.

LSU Dept. of Archives (comp.).
38 items.
A miscellaneous topical collection of manuscripts.

Magruder, Eliza A.
DIARY, 1846-1857.
2 bound volumes.
Diary of a young girl at the home of her uncle on
his plantation near Natchez, Mississippi, including
commentary on local social life.

Minor, William J.
FAMILY PAPERS, 1748-1898
(mainly 1830-1870).
410 items and 37 bound volumes.
Papers of a family of Mississippi bankers and
planters spanning three generations.

Monette, James.
DIARY, 1848-1863.
1 bound volume.
Plantation diary giving details of day-to-day routine
on the Bellview (later Pleasant Hill) Plantation in

Spyker, Leonidas P.
FAMILY PAPERS, 1856-1900
(mainly 1856-1860).
1 bound volume.
Unusual records of a planter of northwestern
Louisiana and his family.

Town, Clarissa E. Leavitt.
DIARY, 1853.
4 items and 1 bound volume.
This is a transcript of “Grandma Town’s Diary”
prepared by her great-granddaughter, regarding life
near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

December 1971
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