Letter from Gordon Meadows-Hills to "Feminist Studies," October 23, 1971, page 3

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have a "See" reference to "Men—Social and Moral Questions", etc, just

as there already is now for "Women". Astoundingly enough, there_are gg
references under "Men" at all except "See flafl"(!) and "See Young Men".
Apparently on reaching maturity (adulthood,mujority) a human male in the
Western world is no longer the subject of objective regard in himself.
(My authority throughout in this letter has been Sears List of Subject
Headings). .

Any light or other assistance you can direct my way will be really
appreciated. I am also sending a copy of this letter to the publication
staff of Feminist Studies, 606-West 116th St., NY, NY 10027. When I
have alternative lists of headings set up, I'll run experiments with
students here to see the effect of these changes on catalog use and
effectiveness for finding materials generally, as well as the effect on
their attitude toward their own sex as well as the opposite, etc.

Later on, if the project proves constructive and enlightening, I'll
produce an article for publication in the appropriate periodicals,
in the library and feminist areas, as a report and summary.

Sincerely, V
Gordon Meadows-Hills
Graduate student, University of Washington School of Librarianship.