Letter from Gordon Meadows-Hills to "Feminist Studies," October 23, 1971, page 1

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          311 Coryell Court East
Seattle, Wn. 98102
October 23, 1971
606—West 116th St.
New York, N.Y. 10027

I am enclosing a copy of a letter I sent to
Michell Rudy of the American Library Associa-
tion Social Responsibilities Roundtable,
Taskforce on the Status of Women and Women's
Liberation ("ALA SRRT on Women"). If you

can help me in this project in any way, I'd
appreciate it.

I am also enclosing for you also a copy

of my thesis announcement. I have a short
form which I'd like to place in yfiur publi-

’cation (edited by Off Our Backs staff member

frances). Let me know if there is a fee.
"Proposed thesis subject:"library

Collections pertaining to Women", including

an international survey, bibliographic~reviey
and exhaustive bibliography. Gordon H. Meadows—
Hills considers his role as "strictly that of

a compiler", with his interpretations subject
to the review of "activist" women. Send inform-
ation about sources and collections, no matter
how small or esoteric, to him at 311 Coryell
Ct. East, Seattle, Wn. 98102".

Is it possible to see a sample copy too,
of Feminist Studies?

Sincerely, ; - :_1g

Gordon Meadows—Hil1s