Memo from Mary Scotti to Robert Palmer, regarding women's books, September 29, 1971, page 4

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' any other movement in history}

0 Explores theelectrifying changes already wrought in the consciousness of
American women (from the suburban housewife lobbying for the Equal Rights
Amendment to the radical feminist challenging the ‘_‘myth of motherhood”) .

0 Is probably the only book on the subject that a woman can give to ‘a man in
the expectation that he will react with sudden comprehension rather than

anger, ridicule or prolonged panic.

O Examines in thoughtful detail the shock and scope of the new feminism’s
impact on every aspect of American society including race relations, the script
of Sesame Street, radical and establishment politics, semantics, sui‘gery,'laW, A
machismo, Freudianism, Marxism, Christianity, Judaism, anthropology,
chivalry, heterosexuality, homosexuality, and the delusion that women were
content with their lot once men gave them the right to vote.

0 Comes close to being an entire Women’s Studies Program in one

encyclopedic volume.



 and absolutely mind-bo
  of the women’s revolutt

0 Provides the first fully documented record of the reborn feminist movement
as a political force capable of transforming our society more profoundly than

\‘,,, - t

q .


us y re_se




A Origins, issues, strategies, actions, writings,politicS,”anid"g‘oal‘s'“of“th‘e’newWon'i°en’s movemenw

' rwhyisome feminists demand a radical change,’ in En

With the passage of the woman’s suffrage amendment in
1920, it was assumed that feminism had died of its own
success. But women’s anger remained as one of the best-
kept secrets of the twentieth century. Then, in the l960’s,
to the surprise of everyone in America except the 51 per
cent of the population who are female, feminism came
back to life.

How a southern senator’s attempt to block the civil
rights bill of 1964 unwittingly produced women’s great-
est victory in a generation (see Chapter 1).

This is the first detailed, authoritative and fully docu-
mented’ account of today’s feminism as a new kind of
politics, economics, sociology, theology, psychology-
and a new way of understanding human history.

The full and sometimes bewildering range of feminist
viewpoints, tactics andaims is described and explained,
spanning the entire spectrum" of nationwide organiza-
tions and local consciousness-raising groups from NOW
to the Radical Feminists and WITCH (an acronym that
signifies not only f‘Women’s International Terrorist Con-
spiracy from Hell”, but just anything else the occasion
demands—see Chapter 2). If you still believe that fem-
inists burned their bras at the Miss America pageant,
see Chapter 5.

glish .
grammar. See Chapter 4: ‘ '* .

The theory of “women as an oppressed‘ class" is ana-
lyzed in detail, including the intra-movement argument
about the identity of the. oppressor.‘ Who said “An attack
on the capitalist system will not eradicate women’s sub-
jugation”? See Chapter 2.

The relationship of feminism with the anti-war, new-
left and gay liberation movements is examined. The
parallels and ironic conflicts between women’s libera-
tion and black liberation are traced to their roots more
than a century ago when Lucy Stone lectured on aboli-
tionism over weekends and on feminism during the

week (and women fighting to have the Fourteenth‘

Amendment mention sex as well as race were told
“This is the Negro's hour”).

“I ask no favor for my sex. All I ask of our brethren is
that they take their feet off our nccks.”—Sarah Grimké
(I-837) / ‘

Key documents of the movement from the Seneca Falls
Declaration of 1848 to the Bitch Manifesto are quoted,
and many of the most important are printed in full. In
a revealing introductory chapter, the textbook por-
trayals of the early feminists. are corrected—including
the almost universal male assumption that women
equated suffrage with full equality.

The feminist analysis of the sexist structure of society
from the masculinity of God to the “myth of the vagi-
nal orgasm” is clarified and documented. So is the ques-
tion of women’s “equality” under the Constitution-
and the feminist role in the abortion controversy.

The feminist critique'of current “sexual freedom” as a
continuation of the traditional oppression of women by

men is explained with a logical progression of thought‘

that makes it intellectttally understandable to women
and men alike. ,

Why women are angry at their doctors (especially their
gynecologists). See Chapter 10. ' . i

More than «a unique work of scholarship and reference,
the 500-page REBIRTH OFFEMINISM is an inform-
ing experience for those who have been confused_by the
many and varied presentations of feminist views on
some of the most sensitive areas in the relations of men
and women. _

(Some male readers of advance galley proofs reported
finding the book so well-organized and thoughtfully
written that they caught themselves agreeing with the
feminist who is quoted as saying, in response to a widely
leveled charge: “What I want is to cut off the power
men-exercise over women. If a man associates that
power withphis genitalia, that’s his problem”.)


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