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          Barnard College


Dear Kate, August,27, 1971

Just happened by my office today after more than 8 weeks about Canada and
New England, Traveled from Vernon 9 Montreal, Quebec, ‘round the Gaspe,
Prince Edwaed Island (on a pig farm for 5 days), the Cabot Trail in Cape
Breton, Nova Scotia, then back to Maine, Cambridge, and NYC. Yak riding

in Mongolia probably would have been more exciting, but I've now seen much
pleasant countryside and met some interesting Canadians.

I know very little about the Women's Center or its library, except what I
read in the N.Y. Times! The library raises many questions: size, scope,
funds, who runs, etc.? These we can get to in the fall. Annettevand Iola
have been quite helpful already with Overbury, etc. as you may know. Both
would be a great help, if they had a continuing responsibility. Iola as
“Consultant to the Women's Center Research Collection" sounds good, but
maybe we should temporarily move slowly on that and any expensive acquisi-
tions until we all have a general idea and agreement about the scope of the
collection. I'd be ready to talk to you and the the committee any time af-
ter I return to work after Sept. 7th.

Concerning the purchase of Woman's Press, I shall try to reach Cheryl Gar-
nant by phone since I know her. There are a number of things we should check
out before we jump because it is possible that it may be reprinted, etc.
Since we may be running out of time on that specific item, I'll call her

to see if we can hold off at least until the library reopens.

Hope this quick letter is of some help. ./Z ‘ i7
, , MP4 '
uh‘ P“ ,W“"°

7 W. 14th St.
NYC 10011

(212) 929-4857