Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Caroline Rogers, August 12, 1971, page 1

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          Augnot 12, 1971

Min Caroline Iognra
leader: bigot:

200 Park Avanu

llow York, law York 16017

but luu lagers:

We on doltghtcd to have "Bonnet Brigadu" to add to our
colloction on wonen. 1111: in just tho text of book we or:
aftor. Pro: a curlmq look it 1: solid and illulinatiag hu-
tury, and a dtvtdeud in that the author is a wanna hiotory
profaunrvhouou tohuuundogoodi Ituyvullboarr

manna  Baxter’: count on tho htstox-y of wanna

in tactics, on: of our cost popular courses.

Your gift also shows that Elly Elliot: is beating the drums
for our women‘: cantor in the right places. flu: or I will 
you posted on developments. L

Many thanks for  gift and the interest it shows in our

sincere 1y yours,

catharino I. ltinszoon
Acting B11-actor. Hanna‘: cantor


bc: Miss Stimpson‘/
Mrs. Haverstick
Mrs. Hertz
Mrs. Elliott