Letter from Elly Elliott to Barbara Hertz and Catharine Stimpson, July 8, 1971

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CRS - Personal note to Iola, saying how co-operate
 Mrs. John Elliott, Jr. 
 1035 Fifth Avenue 
 New York, N.Y. 10028 
 Dear Barbara + Kate: 
 Barbara, will you forward this to Kate if you see fit?
 I had a lovely lunch with Iola and think we may have a solution to the problem of involving her. (Kate, as Barbara knows, Iola is disappointed that she doesn't have a post in the Women's Center plans thus far.) She began talking books and the Overbury Collection and Mrs. Holden etc. and then said "Gosh, I wish they'd make me Librarian of the collection," by which I assume she meant the Overbury plus additions to the Library in the women's field. 
 This could be a good solution as she is fascinated by the Overbury stuff, loves books, buys books, gives books and knows more than many of us about 
collecting. A further plus is that she could more or less operate on her own. 
 I know there are a couple of stumbling blocks: 1) How Bob Palmer might react, 2) housing the new books - until we get a big enough collection to take over the James Room! But I think you should consider this for Iola for all the reasons Barbara + I have discussed and because she cares so much about the Center. Incidentally the subject of the Director did not come up so I guess she realizes that was not one of her soundest ideas. 
 I note from Kate's letter to me of July 6th that she would like Iola on the Advisory Committee. A good alternative to[/] adaptation of the above suggestion. She could be invited on it and asked to take the specific assignment of books and archives etc. 
 The serendipity aspect of the lunch was Iola announcing she'd invited "Bill McGill" ("it's Bill-Iola, now, Elly") to mixed doubles at Baker Field next Tuesday and he's coming! 
 Hope to see you both soon. 
 Love, Elly. 
 July 8th