Memo from Sarah Johnson to Kate Stimpson and Barbara Hertz, November 17, 1971, page 2

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copy: Barbara Hertz


Florence Shelly of the Class of 1940 (Pres. of the Class from 1965-70)
called today. She was trying to call Barbara Hertz but got my
extension and decided she would rather tell me her tale than try
again . ‘

She works for a newsletter "Educational Training Market Report”
which is distributed to schools and universities and, she said,

Acovers news relating to funding, etc.

Just before she called she got a "great brainstorm" which is
to have you author an article (short about 100 words) for

the commentary section of her newsletter. She wants it on

the implications of women's lib on women's colleges and would
like it for publication by Christmas.

I was asked to make the request and to call her on Tuesday
with an answer.

Since I'm not at all familiar with the publication nor with
the particular politics that may or may not relate to her

I thought I should throw this out to you and to Barbara in
the form of a memo for consideration.

If you do it I suggest that someone more into the women's
center than I am (the stuff I know I am using to convince the
NY Times and I would hate to give it to a little newsletter
before the Times gets a story out) should ghost write it.

I will be glad to deal with her and to be middle man but don't
feel that I can do the best job. However, if the politics

of Mrs. Shelly are not great I could probably do a medocre

job with lOO words.