Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Barbara Hertz, July 22, 1971

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°/a General Delivery East Marian, flew Ywrk 11959 July 22, 1971

Dear Barbara,

Englflfifid is a draft of an introduction. Cut, edit, change as you will. Enc1used, two, are same things which I wwuld like Judy ta do. if she cguld. The thvught of her leaving incomes more and

more unpleasant.

I theught ahwut the brochura yesterday, sitting in a car dealer's, where my car was getting its axponaive, ridiculous 9.000 mile check—u§. In terma cf grayhica, I favor type faces to give us a scans of vitality, alan, ate. Ané is print over photos tsa expensive?

I see the order of the esaays as this. tiafl togethar with very brief bridge remarks:

1) My ineroduation, which ia much more of an introénction to the nthcrs than it was;

2) Hirra, telling why we must all in thinking about women;

3) Annatte and Suzanne. calling &haut Women‘5 Studios.

reminding the concerned that we still think of aurselvaa as an acadnfitc institution;

4} Iola. telling about books. a logical extension of Annette and Suzanne. (I wculd put the list of coursea in the back, like an appendix.)

5) Then Pat. telling why wumen in not do «all at college, but why they might be different at iarnard. I would edit her in this way. Reverse the tract of her comments. Iegin with the first sentnnce, of thg fourth paragraph, of the first gage ~- "Why do talented yaung wcmen nut go an to academic careara?" Say what is

vi;,m}g;,,.  that is right, winch she gum.-3 int. 5) Than Our Undergraduatc.

73 Thfin Jane, telling why aducating woman means mare than giving them academic cuursaa, which is, of charms, a cantral

th . °'Ty 0f the.Center -— tha educated woman neads té ha cwnsciwus

of ways in which her aducated ' ‘ t 1 d té. a ti college must hava mrograma tg fia&£ gégagfikgsg %£aE" G c ' an 19

other mates: 1) We @en't refer to the University anywhere. Can

yam think af any place to do so gracefully? E.g. ahauld a reference ta Calumbia go in my introduction, sayxng ws hmpe ta call an its reaaurcea, two, yum yum. 2) Mirra needs statistics; e.g. in her

first pwragraph can she say exactly what the rise of the grapartiwn

of weman in the work farce has been. 3) in page 2 of Jana'5 piece Sfimewfle has Written "Omit?" next to the first full paragrayh. I

wwulfl leave it in. hecause it gives concrete ideas, which we need.

I talked to Ellie yesterday, a nice, amuaing c»nversation,~ and aha said she is looking for juicy quotes finnno1& Earnard women. she also mentioned she might be seeing Mrs. Sulzbergar. It aeems to me that with large possible donors (or is it possible large denors) we should strea& the fellowship program, which will take


The mom I read the cemy the more I became convinced that education is the wu$t possible thing ffir ?P939-

Au‘. ta conclude, I dmn't think there wauld be a Center without you.

Scotchgard forever.

All beat,