Letter from Sarah Johnson to Catharine Stimpson, July 14, 1971, page 3

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bmselected-courses at Columbia Col-
’; ‘ ie ex and at the. University's graduate

so , ois are open. to Barnard students ,

”  iwitlpappropriate qualifications. and de-
f partnlentai ?appr’ov'al. Columbia students
I. may. also" take/courses at Barnard.

.<.=I."rics.-I-mat‘ 'i .~.. 

' Barnardstudenls takeitour courses a

“ semester and "rr'lay choose from among

— 2:4 ma‘1ors’.in'.th_ev liberal arts: Anthro-
polooy: Art History; Biological Sci-
gerices; Ch,e,mi‘s_t,ry'; Economics; Eng-
lish; French;.‘Ge‘olcgy and Geography;

German; Grefleltmand Latin; History;



'“P.t§liQit:‘ai.S}l‘:i9f3l‘-Bf: Psyphoivm mgiiillion:
“ 2 iliissian;  ifiwloloavl.‘ and.;3:‘.39ai53§h- in
[addition more are six .interr;leg'antnen-
‘_  majors: ‘American ;(Stu‘d" ‘a;: British
civilizat.ion=;’ Environmental. Consents-
 and "Management; ’F.0i’94Q!:!"'_Afe&
fitudies‘ (Africa, Asia, ‘.Latiri=3,Arner.ica,
Russia, Western Europe);_:Me‘lilievai,- and
Rerlaissance Studies and Urban Studies.
Aspecial program in secOndal'y'—;edu-
’ cation is available in conjunction with
a major. v ‘ .

‘B I Faculty . ‘
The Barnard faculty numbers almost

200 and includes teachers who are
scholars, researchers and professional
practitioners. Some Barnard professors
also teach inthe Graduate Facuitie

"of Columbia University. ‘ '

student Body

i Barnard has approximately 1950 stu-
dents from all 50 states, the District of
Columbia, Puerto Rico,‘the Virgin ls-
lands and about 20 foreign countries.

campus i , G
Barnard is located. on Broadway in

Oriental; u';: zfilllosopny ;.p§,y,;cs: -


, . iib‘ta¢y__ofl4’1'15.il'1,lil3l3)’iIT_cil§l
tt!d.9M8 ‘also have am:ess

tor? Library. other buildings





for. relaxation. study and


.-mtlliorli volumes of Columbla‘s But:

on the

campus include Barnard Hail. which .,
contains classrooms, faculty, offices ~
‘and physical educationyiacilities; Mil- _
‘bank Hall with classrooms. faculty and
‘administrative offices; Altschul Hall. a
V14-story‘ science tower; Mcintosh Cen-
ter, a college center with meeting-and
recreation rooms; and Brooks, Hewitt
and Reid Halls, a dormitory complex
‘ which houses about 500 students. Di-
fffrectly adjacent to the campus are 616
Land 620 West 116th Street, dormitories
‘ open to sophomores, juniors and sen-
tors, and 'built in apartment-like units
‘of four or five rooms with a bath
and kitchen to each suite. Plimpton ‘
Hall, a 5-minute walk from the main’
campus, is another apartment-like dor-
.m~itory. Thirty-five miles from the Man-
flatten campus Barnard maintains Holly
House, a rustic lodge on 20 acres of
wooded property in Westchester county.
[ Students, departmental groups, faculty
and clubs use Holly House year-round





 it .
master years
legs dormitories



' l

« . F ,;".‘llv
subscribe to the Cnllép (F, V
if they wish. ’ _

‘ ,.i9ia‘.!!«liltI|+»>::.--i =‘ r
 ' ecommended: 4 yrs‘. ngl_ ,
‘ ‘foreign language; 3 ,yrs.Zm‘aj[h at '
scienc lectives from¢‘ti'le" ‘rébeuin
variati _ lg; high scho‘ol“?:prsparsiiiqli

1? will t;é‘:.;"on d _d. co’ileg:‘e‘Bofartl,4Ex-
it aminajtions: S 3 hlevementTe‘sts
' ‘ infigfl) Engiis om V '
la “guage, 3.)’ th‘. _,
taken in Notggl; egf,
yelan _ t  1

Flnancialmd ‘ 1 '- 
Grants and ‘loans to‘ Stu  V
- basis of financial need. high. schoij v
 ability, promise of future 'success.’..CS8_‘,
_‘=P.arents ‘Confidential, Statement‘ re-
quired. Approximately 60390! the stu-
‘ dent. "body receives aid ’ from some
source. ' —  , V