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          July 14, 1971

Dear Kate——

I will be trying to get you on the phone today but in the
event that I cannot I thought it best to at least have this
in the mail.

At the moment I am working on the revision of the
"pocket—size" calendar. This year we will be increasing it in
size so that the type and numbers can be read more easily and
will probably also spice up the cover with a picture rather
than just the Greek Lady.

Do you think that it would be a good idea to include

a small statement on the Women's Center in this publication.

It could go where the PDS statement now appears (marked copy
attached). This is the spacing: 39 characters wide and 13
lines long. It could be slightly longer or shorter if
necessary but since most of the information you see here has to
stay (with up-dates) we really could not handle something much

The calendar is given to every new student, is sent to
Barnard Area Representatives to use in recruiting, and is used
by Elly Mintz to send with thank you letters from the Barnard
Fund. Thus, as you can see it gets a wide distribution (I think
that freshmen parents might get it on that first day when they
come to campus too). And, of course parents who contribute
to the ## fund get it in their thank you.

If you agree could you draft an appropriate submission and

send it to me (or bring it if you are KKNK coming anyway).

I am still waiting for the "Financial Facts" since the books just
closed on July 1 but I have everything else ready to go.

I would like to get this one off to the printer by Aug. 1 if
possible but would need your copy for coordination ## (line count,
etc.) by July 27.

Hope all is well and that you are enjoying the great

weather. I hate being inside when it is so nice and keep
thinking about playing ## hookielllll Get tan for me: