Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Carl Hansen, July 9, 1971

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July 9, 1971

Hr. Carl B. fiansen

Sales Manager

Cnlumbia University Press 562 west 113th Straet New York, yew York 19025

Bear Hr. Hansen:

Kiss Peterson 13 away an administrative leave, and in her absence, your interesting letter has been referred to me in my capacity as chair— man of the Executive Committee of the Wbmen‘s Center.

I hava several ideas which it might be profitable to éiacnssa although

I think that we shauld also meet with Professor Anntte Baxter, who is a member of the Executiv Committee of the ween‘: Canter and whose contriw buttons to the field of flnmen's Studies need fin further comment here. (I

am taking re liberty of sending cogias of your letter and of mine to Professor Baxter.) Both Prnfessor Baxter and I spend most of rh summer ilay frum the city. so that it seems ta me that a eating in the earliest part of the fall uuld be most feasible.

If you see him, please give my good winhes to Harry 3egessman$ with whom I have wnrkeé happily in the past. I look forward to hearing from yau and hopefully 30 meeting yen. ‘Thank you for getting in tench with us.


Catharine R. stimpson Assistant Prafessor of English

chairman, Rosa's center Executive Committee


cc: Professqr Baxter bcVM1ss Stlmpson