Publicity Brochure copy, June 29, 1971, page 3

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Pulicity copy
Page 3

1) A conpleint bureo for aluneno. and other women, who
discovered prejudice in graduate and jrefeueional ochoelo.

2) A committee of lawyers. lornerd graduates who would
have no legal connection with the college, to explore selected

cones of Jo b discrimination.

3) A roster of alumnae who night he ovoilohlo for formal
locturee and for internal discussions with undergraduates about the
wide variety of particular patterns of life upon to women.

4) An intoruation bank for women who wanted to so beck
to work.

5) A router. it needed. or woman ocnolaro.

6) A library of videotapes of octual cleeeroeno for
women who wiahed to learn what one going on xntelleetuolly at
the college.

7) A permanent series of seminars at Women and Society.

the proceedings of which might fern the nucleus of e oeriouo

8) A follewehip program for a limited nulber or peat-

doctoral fellows and community activists. who would work at Bernard
and who would talk to undergraduates no they did their own research
and writing.

which projects e Women's center undertakes first depends upon

the oorieuanone of need and the eveilability of money. The Tech