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§:‘l1gity copy

capable of becoming a natnnal uontor for the study of Honor: and
thoir intoronto. It could oloo work with other divisions ot
colunbta university to «vino ways to break down obataoloo to

tho oduoation. of noun.

2) lunch of tho proviouo otudy of tho history.

poychology, and talents of women had been ouporfiolal or

downright wrong.

3) Wonoa, booauno of the donnnds of marriage and

nothorhool, ottubod job potterno more irregular than those of

5) In-lord now wanton, through ignoring thou. non:
of tho skill: or its alumnae and wolon in How Iork.

5) students want and ngod as livolior. more poroonol
sense of the world away from tho olnaaroon. '!hoy should havo
clooor contact. both proton.-aional and othorwizao. with wonon

outside of tho collage otoff.
Wojooidod that loraord could, and should, oorvo pooplo

who woro not part of its otuuoat body. upooiully tho oluuoo

and othor wouon who wore into:-oatod in madonin pursuits.

_o1though wo waatod any program to ho tloxlblo ouough to ho o!

intorout to lony othorn. At the Inc tllo. no wished to hoop

Inrnu-1': iutolbtuol conmitnonto undilutod.

Along tho projooto which no thought 0. WIICfl‘3 Gontor Quid

oponoor worn