Publicity Brochure copy, June 29, 1971

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Gepg Publicity lrechure W0fl0fl's Center


The Teak force on Inrnard and tho Educated woaau one a diverse group -- truatoes, faculty aoabera. administrators, alumnae. atudonte -- ehich not during the winter and epring or 1971. In April we issued a rofiort. calling for a Iarnard Wonen'g center with a director. an adequate staff. a reoearch library. and living connections to the college and to the life of undergraduatee.

we had asked oureelvee three questionla

1} Deee larnard college. an undergraduate institution. have any reepondbility towards women not actually enrolled there?

2) If no. who might theee women be? Ito alunaae? Ihe educated wenan within the new York area? Wenen within Bernard'-

innediate nelghbhlheed? 3) In lnrnard really showing its students what it peano

to be an educated wonmn in contemporary Anerica?

As we worked, no were painfully aware of the oaye in which eociety diacriainatoe againt women. roe many people think an educated wouan leee ueeful. lone competent than any edcated nan. too many people believe that meet women are lees rational. loan adveutureue than non. no that educating women io a lee7Lrosti;ieua Job than educating non. Inch theories put the educators of vein in an odd position.

A: II worked. to aloe discovered that we shared eovorel

aeeunptiene. Aron; then were:

1) Igrnard, because of its history, staff, and location,

5 §:‘l1gity copy

capable of becoming a natnnal uontor for the study of Honor: and thoir intoronto. It could oloo work with other divisions ot colunbta university to «vino ways to break down obataoloo to

tho oduoation. of noun.

2) lunch of tho proviouo otudy of tho history.

poychology, and talents of women had been ouporfiolal or

downright wrong.

3) Wonoa, booauno of the donnnds of marriage and

nothorhool, ottubod job potterno more irregular than those of son.

5) In-lord now wanton, through ignoring thou. non: of tho skill: or its alumnae and wolon in How Iork.

5) students want and ngod as livolior. more poroonol sense of the world away from tho olnaaroon. '!hoy should havo clooor contact. both proton.-aional and othorwizao. with wonon

outside of tho collage otoff. Wojooidod that loraord could, and should, oorvo pooplo

who woro not part of its otuuoat body. upooiully tho oluuoo

and othor wouon who wore into:-oatod in madonin pursuits.

_o1though wo waatod any program to ho tloxlblo ouough to ho o!

intorout to lony othorn. At the Inc tllo. no wished to hoop

Inrnu-1': iutolbtuol conmitnonto undilutod.

Along tho projooto which no thought 0. WIICfl‘3 Gontor Quid

oponoor worn


Pulicity copy Page 3

1) A conpleint bureo for aluneno. and other women, who discovered prejudice in graduate and jrefeueional ochoelo.

2) A committee of lawyers. lornerd graduates who would have no legal connection with the college, to explore selected

cones of Jo b discrimination.

3) A roster of alumnae who night he ovoilohlo for formal locturee and for internal discussions with undergraduates about the wide variety of particular patterns of life upon to women.

4) An intoruation bank for women who wanted to so beck to work.

5) A router. it needed. or woman ocnolaro.

6) A library of videotapes of octual cleeeroeno for women who wiahed to learn what one going on xntelleetuolly at the college.

7) A permanent series of seminars at Women and Society.

the proceedings of which might fern the nucleus of e oeriouo

jfitlrnllo 8) A follewehip program for a limited nulber or peat-

doctoral fellows and community activists. who would work at Bernard and who would talk to undergraduates no they did their own research and writing.

which projects e Women's center undertakes first depends upon

the oorieuanone of need and the eveilability of money. The Tech


Publicity copy Pogo h

Fbruo otrossod tho wisdom of givxng tho Roman‘; cantor o otoblo

financial booo. We wore haunted by nomoriea of programs for and about women which atrophiod bocanse of their look of ooanrod Ilullilll upport. A Wonoa'e Cantor’: otfoct upon tho livoo of non and wgoon should be to:-reaching. not Ionltory.

A WoIon‘o Oonter. it its vioion in moro thou parochial. I111 hopotnlly initinto oprotound dinloguo about the problono, tho ylgoo, and tho grout potonziol or none: in contonporory


cntharino R. stimpaon

Assistant Protoosor of xfllliih

chairman, Tho Toak force on Barnard and tho Educatod 71 ill!

Acting Ghairoan. Woaon'a Cantor Executive Oonmittoo