Memo from Barbara Hertz to Annette Baxter, Jane Gould, Patricia Graham, Iola Haverstick, Mirra Komarovsky, and Catharine Stimpson, regarding a flyer for the Women's Center, June 15, 1971, page 1

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Tc) Annette Baxter, Jane Gould, Patricia Graham, Iola Haverstick, Mirra Komarovsky,
Cathfikine Stimpson
FROM Barbara Hertz

Sfigmcf Flyer for the Women's Center ' I IDATE 6/15/71

Last week Catherine Stimpson, Sarah Johnson, Ellie Mintz and I met to discuss
the flyer for the Women's Center. We agreed that we need two different publications:
1) A 12- to 16- page hefty and handsome brochure which describes all facets of the
Center for those really interested, and 2) A short, snappy flyer to send to all
alumnae with our first appeal letter in the fall.

We also agreed on a tentative outline for the brochure. Your suggestions
and coments are welcome.

Introduction — covering our philosophy and Barnard's recomitment to
women -iby Mirra

Thoughts on Women's Studies - by Annette
' Brief description of courses
Women in Academe - by Pat
‘Piece on Overbury Collection - by Iola
Summary of the Task Force report with a look ahead - Kate

' We are also thinking of short statements by a male faculty member and

Most of you have already written on the subject assigned to you and I do hope
you will be willing to do the necessary summarizing, excerpting, updating, or what
have you. I have purposely Egg specified length because I think we need to collect
all the pieces first, then edit them as a unit for coherence, overlapping, etc.

Since the brochure is going to be only 12 to 16 pages, say what you feel needs saying,
but also try to be brief.

I know you are all either busy or vacationing, but if we are to have the brochure
and the flyer out by fall, we need copy -— ouch! -- by July 1. We could possibly
stretch it to July 15 but that would be an outside date.

Do call me if you have any questions. My outside line is 666-7652 and my Barnard
extension is 2001. I'm in room 7 Lehman for the summer.

Thanks so much for your help. I think we can -— and will -— turn out two first-rate ,

publications. F
cc: Mrs. Mintz
Mrs. Elliott
Mrs. Johnson
Miss Pries