Letter from Elly Elliott to Catharine Stimpson, 1971, page 2

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          sane, NEW note.) Oz said June, so I gave him your number + address. He is going away on vacation on Friday but is passing the info on to a Mr. Boeth (pronounced Booth) and some girl who will be writing the story. Good for Gloria: a condition of her acceptance will be that a woman do the basic writing!

Anyway, this is to warn you that you may get a call + not to be surprised. Barbara agrees that it would be great if you were mentioned even if Barnard or the Center are not. I did not go into any detail with Oz. He was attracted by the statement: "She has a sense of humor along with her convictions." He liked that because his own very acute sense of humor was stretched out of shape last year by the gals' sit-in at Newsweek. 

Well, you may not hear from them either. But this is the sort of thing I may be able to help on from time to time. I saw "Women in Sexist Society" at the bookshop yesterday (+ I also mentioned you were in it to Oz). Barbara + I decided one of us must scrape up the $12.50. To be adjudicated anon! She told me you are re-doing the intro to the brochure. Great. I am so impatient to get it out. 

Love, Elly