Letter from Elly Elliott to Catharine Stimpson, 1971

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Mrs. John Elliott, Jr. 
 1035 Fifth Avenue 
 New York, N.Y. 10028
 Dear Kate: 
 Have been trying to reach you by 'phone (Barbara gave me your number), but in case days go by + I don't get you here's the reason: 
 We had dinner with Jock's brother Osborn last night. He's the editor-in-chief of Newsweek, and was telling me (as the feminist in the family!) that they are hoping to do a cover story on Gloria Steinem. Gloria is apparently only considering it but Oz thinks she'll accept in the long run. Well, my wheels seem to be grinding awfully slowly this week, but this afternoon I called Oz + told him I thought that if they did do the story that they might find it interesting to speak to you. (The story will be on Steinem but they'll surely refer to Friedan, Millet etc. + I thought you could add an intelligent, refreshingly 
sane, NEW note.) Oz said June, so I gave him your number + address. He is going away on vacation on Friday but is passing the info on to a Mr. Boeth (pronounced Booth) and some girl who will be writing the story. Good for Gloria: a condition of her acceptance will be that a woman do the basic writing!
 Anyway, this is to warn you that you may get a call + not to be surprised. Barbara agrees that it would be great if you were mentioned even if Barnard or the Center are not. I did not go into any detail with Oz. He was attracted by the statement: "She has a sense of humor along with her convictions." He liked that because his own very acute sense of humor was stretched out of shape last year by the gals' sit-in at Newsweek. 
 Well, you may not hear from them either. But this is the sort of thing I may be able to help on from time to time. I saw "Women in Sexist Society" at the bookshop yesterday (+ I also mentioned you were in it to Oz). Barbara + I decided one of us must scrape up the $12.50. To be adjudicated anon! She told me you are re-doing the intro to the brochure. Great. I am so impatient to get it out. 
 Love, Elly