Letter from Elly Elliott to Whitelaw Reid, August 11, 1971, page 1

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          August: 11, 1971

Whitalaw Raid, Esq.
Ophtr Farm
Purchase, Raw York

Dam? Which:

‘thanks so much for your letter of July 30th. I am can
glad you af3p!*OV§ of our {slant for film’: Saéqueat. we will
keeg: you paltfld on developments.

our archivist, who called on yen, 19 Kiss Julii Martfieliar
mid I knew aha will be dulighted to mceivu the cttaciam
along with the medals. I am sending her a copy at‘ your latter
as: that the can be thinking about tho hanorazy dagrau as wail.

Jock am: I had a wonderful. cmmar with M.L.: atoms: wan
kept an the £11.11 for all that I.oc!-mead vatztng etc. 13: had
such a good tiara catching up an ache: thing: that we mvlr
hunched on Barnard -— name sort of sword for ILL. and ma} --
but 14.1.. law also writtgn that aha and Brass: an unthusiaatic
about the Woman‘: Center.

I am glad you arts in the Adirondacks and out of thc Haw
fork. “altar. Let‘: be in much 1:: Saptomber.

fly but to you both and the children.

Affactionate 1y ,


be: Mrs. Hertz
Miss St1mpson‘v/
Miss Marsteller
Mr. Palmer