Memo from Martha Peterson to Catharine Stimpson and members of the Women's Center Committee, regarding library exhibits, December 17, 1971, page 1

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Miss Catharine Stimpson and

123 Members of Women'sqfiifi§er Committee
j /
FROM Martha Peterson   -

sU&EcT Library exhibit;\J DATE‘l2/17/7l

I am delighted with your report on the progress of the Library
exhibits at the Tuesday meeting. It seems to me that you are well
organized; there is lots of work to be done, isn't there.

I want to write to Mrs. Stetson to thank her for her pledge of
help as soon as that action is appropriate.

I also stand ready to invite Mr. and Mrs. Holden to lunch when-
ever the Executive Comittee deems this advisable.

You certainly have earned a happy holiday season.