Memo from Iola Haverstick to Martha Peterson, Elly Elliott, Catharine Stimpson, Robert Palmer, and Barbara Hertz, December 3, 1971, page 2

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          6) who is going to pay for the extra salary? for the eats? the drinks?
What time shall we have the exhibit? ‘

7) Should we hire a bus to bring people from some central point? I
didn't have the nerve to ask Mrs. Pierrepont to provide the bus.

8) Should we keep the garage open when we have the exhibit. No, hopefully
they all have chauffeurs.

9) when is Iola Haverstick going to write her dissertation? Tomorrow.
No, Miss Peterson will ask Dr. McGill to waive this requirement.

A final word: at the first meeting of the Executive Committee of
the women's center, we decided that the way to get the exhibit underway was
to invite the members of the N.Y. Public's women's Council. O.K. so some
Quo¢ committees make good decisions and so forth. Nell, they are coming, as Orson
Welleslsaid. Maybe not 250 strong, but I am sure we'll get about #0 to 50
at least. So we must act! Also, please excuse the seemingly flip tone of
this memo. It's just that I can see everybody's jaw sag at having to read
this at this time of year. My own did, after Mrs. Pierrepont phoned! My

confidence quickly returned, however, when I realized how resourceful all of
you are!