Memo from Iola Haverstick to Martha Peterson, Elly Elliott, Catharine Stimpson, Robert Palmer, and Barbara Hertz, December 3, 1971

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fiecember 3, l97l

To: Martha Peterson Elly Elliott Catharine Stimpson Bob Palmer Barbara Hertz

what: A very important memo from Iola Haverstick.

I hope no one will faint when they read this but Mrs. John Pierrepont, Chairman of the Women's Council of the New York Public Library (some 200-250 ladies, mostly well-heeled and prominent), has accepted my invitation to in- vite the members of the women's Council to come to Barnard to view an exhibit of the Overbury Collection in the spring. fis you may imagine, this raises a few questions which I have taken the liberty of calling to youkattention below.

l) Should we attempt to have an exhibit? If we can physically and finan- cially put all the parts together, I vote YES! Besides, I can't retreat now that they have accepted. Mrs. Pierrepont thinks this is a swinging idea but warns that we may not get a large turnout. But the N.Y. Public will print the invitations, including a description of the Collection (which I will write if B. Hertz will edit), and mail them and will announce it at her spring meeting. This in itself is tremendous mileage in terms of publicity for the Collection and shows that Barnard is alive and well and living in New York City! Addi- tionally, we ought to invite other groups at other times w hile the exhibit

is on and make more mileage as the Grolier Club, the Friends of the Columbia Library, the lady members of that unpronounceable group (help,Elly£), the P.E.N. Club and anyone and everyone we can think of who either likes books or American women or who has dough. we also must get the New York Times to do a feature story on the first page of the second section.

2) when s_hould we have the exhibit? I would have likgLdoing this in conjunction with Elizabeth Janeway's series, but I'm afraid that will conflict with the spring meeting of the N.Y. Public‘: Women's Council which, depending on their speaker, Helen Hayes, will be either the 18th, l9th, 20th or 25th, 26th, 27th of April. Try to get out of that one, Helen! Also, we need the time and the weather (remember what Eliot said about April) so I think we should aim for the first or second week in May. we will simply ask Elizabeth to bring Caroline Kizer back if that seems appropriate.

3) How should the invitations read: Elly will know this, but I think we should, if Miss Peterson is willing, have her name on it along with Mrs. Pierepont's.

4) who is going to do the dirty work? I have already done some of it. I have met a young librarian who is out of a job. I was not impressed with him at all, but perhaps there were extenuating circumstances and he might make a better impression on Bob. Does Columbia have anyone who could help? Should we try to have it in the Low Library instead of at Barnard? NO! Maybe Esther Greene's health is better? would Katie woodbridge, who is retired,do it? I will certainly help and so, I am sure, will Eleanor Tilton.

5) who is going to build the cases? The Barnard carpenters?

6) who is going to pay for the extra salary? for the eats? the drinks? What time shall we have the exhibit? ‘

7) Should we hire a bus to bring people from some central point? I didn't have the nerve to ask Mrs. Pierrepont to provide the bus.

8) Should we keep the garage open when we have the exhibit. No, hopefully they all have chauffeurs.

9) when is Iola Haverstick going to write her dissertation? Tomorrow. No, Miss Peterson will ask Dr. McGill to waive this requirement.

A final word: at the first meeting of the Executive Committee of the women's center, we decided that the way to get the exhibit underway was to invite the members of the N.Y. Public's women's Council. O.K. so some Quo¢ committees make good decisions and so forth. Nell, they are coming, as Orson Welleslsaid. Maybe not 250 strong, but I am sure we'll get about #0 to 50 at least. So we must act! Also, please excuse the seemingly flip tone of this memo. It's just that I can see everybody's jaw sag at having to read this at this time of year. My own did, after Mrs. Pierrepont phoned! My

confidence quickly returned, however, when I realized how resourceful all of you are!