Letter from Frances Riche to Iola Haverstick, October 10, 1971, page 1

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          [recipient's notes] Kate: This was my letter from Fran Riche of Douglass which I shouldn't go passing around really but I think the part I've marked below is hysterical. Tear up when read. Iola - (see p.s. below) 

Frances E. Riche 
20 Suydam Street
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901 

October 10, 1971 

Dear Iola, 

Well, I give up on getting the printed flyers from Eagleton Institute on its Center for the American Woman and Politics, but I did manage to snag a copy of the text for the promised brochure. It's enclosed along with a duplicate of a recent news story on [our] meeting held [at] the Center. 

Now Iola, [Jan] returned to you, shortly after we left Maine, the original of your memo on Barnard-Columbia relationships; I have only a [...] copy that [Jan] made for me. Have you lost the original? Want a copy of my copy? 

Douglass-Cook moves slowly. The University Board of Governors hasn't yet voted officially to create Cook. Committees galore are still working on space use, services, curriculum - and how much to be [shared] in each area. We believe Cook WILL be created, and we understand the Governers will take action in [December].   

As you no doubt read in the press, we lost the battle on Rutgers College's going coed, but Dean Foster now thinks the [effect] [...] 

[recipient's notes] P.S. On second thought if you think the Exec. Comm. might get a laugh out of it, save it and bring it to the next meeting.