Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Annette Baxter, July 26, 1971

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3/0 General Delivery East Marion, flew York 11939 26 July, 1971

Dear Annette,

Thanks very much for your letter of the nineteenth. I like your suggestions for the Board of Consultants. especially the spread of their interests.

A couple of things I want to check with ymu: a Barnard alumna, '70, who is new working fgr the city, hut who would like to work for us, says that aha has reserved a full run of something called the

Women's Press, issued from 1927 to the '50's. She wondera if we would

like to buy it for the Center's library. I have wuitten to Bob Palmer

and Iola about it, but what do you think?

Hext, I have sent out another memo to us all about the Columbia Summr Institute. Owens, the head of the Summer School, wants fiarnard as a co-sponsor. (I was asked if I would be Interim Directira Just to get a name on the proposal for HEW. and since I was the only member of the planning committee with a faculty appointment, and since no~one else could take the job, figurehead though it was, I said I would. The permanent dirgctor will probably come from among the ranks of the faazlty of the Institute, if it exists. The proposed faculty looks pretty good ~~ e.5. Phyllis Chesler doing the psychology course.)

My hunch is that co~sponsorship would be through the Center, not through the College, mostly to save bureaucr:tic wear and tear. I particularly want yeur advice on this, since you saw something of the pilining ef thg Institute and since you know how the Committee on Instruction, etc. works.

As I say in the memo, I don't know exactly what co~sponsorship

means, nor does anyone else seem to, but it seems to me a good thing to be co-operative.

I know what you mean about the summer pausing too quickly. Now if God were a woman, maybe our prayers would have some effect.

All best,