Letter from Elly Elliott to Catharine Stimpson, July 2, 1971, page 1

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          July 2, 1971 

Mrs. John Elliott, Jr. 
1035 Fifth Avenue 
New York, N.Y. 10028 

Dear Kate: 

Yesterday your letter inviting me to join the Exec. Comm. + today your interesting June 30th memo. 

Of course I'm pleased to join the Exec. Comm. + want to be on it very much. I note that I'm the only non-staff person, which is fine by me (after 16 yrs. of part-time unemployment at B.C. I FEEL like a staff member!) as long as it sits o.k. with Martha et al. Be frank. 

I gather each member has specific assignments. What are mine? Would you say that money, publicity, + special events would be? Those are probably Barbara's but perhaps, as we do re: Development, we can supplement + complement each other's work. Let's discuss. 

I wrote Martha as I said I would about the financing. It will probably bug her as she doesn't seem to want to commit herself (or hasnt so far), but I SPELLED OUT my feelings that the Reid bequest is there NOW, and that I am against (as she is) trying to raise special alumnae money, or funds from other sources, at