Letter from Elly Elliott to Catharine Stimpson, July 2, 1971

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July 2, 1971 
 Mrs. John Elliott, Jr. 
 1035 Fifth Avenue 
 New York, N.Y. 10028 
 Dear Kate: 
 Yesterday your letter inviting me to join the Exec. Comm. + today your interesting June 30th memo. 
 Of course I'm pleased to join the Exec. Comm. + want to be on it very much. I note that I'm the only non-staff person, which is fine by me (after 16 yrs. of part-time unemployment at B.C. I FEEL like a staff member!) as long as it sits o.k. with Martha et al. Be frank. 
 I gather each member has specific assignments. What are mine? Would you say that money, publicity, + special events would be? Those are probably Barbara's but perhaps, as we do re: Development, we can supplement + complement each other's work. Let's discuss. 
 I wrote Martha as I said I would about the financing. It will probably bug her as she doesn't seem to want to commit herself (or hasnt so far), but I SPELLED OUT my feelings that the Reid bequest is there NOW, and that I am against (as she is) trying to raise special alumnae money, or funds from other sources, at
this time that would adversely affect our regular unrestricted annual giving, which is so important for meeting general Barnard expenses. I said I didn't care if we got $200,000, $100,000, or $50,000 of the Reid money, or none, but that we needed to know now what, if anything, we had to spend. So wish me luck! 
 I will be working on three lists over the next days 
 1) possible Advisory Comm. members 
 2) possible Lawyers Comm. members
 3) contacts in the media, including radio + TV, for possible help in our visibility. 
 The top top priority as I see it as of now is your administrative assistant so that the Center is really in business as [a] unit all its own. 
 I plan to be in town each week Mondays through Wednesdays in case we need to meet. Incidentally my apt. (85th St.) is air-cooled in case we'd like to meet there for discussions with ice-tea, spiked or otherwise. My country number is 914-232-3466. 
 Sorry this isn't typed even though perhaps it's more legible than if it were! Read some place that the essence of women's lib is "how to succeed in business without really typing." How true!