Letter from Martha Peterson to Gould, Graham, Hertz, and Stimpson, June 14, 1971

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Barnard College


June 14, 1971 (dictated June 11)

‘/ 4’.

Dear Jane Gould, Pat Graham, Barbara Hertz and Kate Stimpson:

Following our recent meeting I talked with Mr. Ulanov and Mr. Norman about the possibility of Room 101 Barnard Hall as headquarters for the Women's Center and about release time for Kate Stimpson from the English Department to chair the Executive Committee of the Center.

Both propositions met approval with the condition that the office be shared with the Culture of the Cities for storing some of their very precious equipment and documents, and for use by the typist when the Culture of the Cities progra has one who needs to work there.

I have therefore written to Kate asking her to chair the committee and that she (I) make the proper arrangements with Mr. Norman for the release of her time,

(2) discuss with Mr. Ulanov the use of the office in advance so that there will be no conflict, and

(3) authorize employment of an administrative assistant for whatever time we need one, effective September 1, at a salary of approximately $8,000.‘ I suggest that Barbara Hertz make the necessary arrangements with Mr. Abbott about adding a staff member to the budget.

Have a good summer. I will be interested to see what is accomplished on my return in September. fcordially,/1

\s.(‘- “~v‘»’-‘Lkzg ‘K “K  .LL1r\, Martha Peterson President Mrs. Jane Gould

Director of Placement and Career Planning

Mrs. Patricia Graham Department of History

Mrs. Barbara Hertz Director of Development

Miss Kate Stimpson Department of English cc: Mr. Abbott