Letter from Martha Peterson to Catharine Stimpson, June 14, 1971, page 1

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          Barnard College


June 14, 1971
(dictated June 11)

Dear Miss Stimpson:

I write formally to invite you to serve as chairman
of the Executive Comittee for the Women's Center.

I have talked with Mr. Norman about the possibility
of your being released from one course for the next
semester in order to take on this task. He has agreed
and says that this can be done with no prejudice to your
future status in the English Department or in the College,
in fact I gathered that there might be some credit to you
for being Willing to take on this service to the College.

Therefore will you proceed with your arrangements with
Mr. Norman. If any question comes up in the summer about
the future development of this position and the requirements
of it, will you talk this over with Dean Breunig. He was
present at the discussion about your assignment and with
Mr. Ulanov about the use of Room 101 Barnard Hall.

Have a good summer.

 " /r   

m 5» CL \   
Martha Peterson 9


Miss Catharine Stimpson
c/o General Delivery
East Marion, New York 11939

cc: Dean Breunig
Mr. Norman

Signed for
Miss Peterson