Letter from Batya Hyman to Catharine Stimpson, 1971

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 Ms. Stimpson, 
 I have another suggestion for a project. To create some interaction between Barnard and the immediate community a program for junior high school girls could be set up. This would need the support of the black & latin students & could not be run successfully by a group of whites. The program would make use of the Barnard facilities - gym, pool, art room - and would show the girls that there is a college in the community. School principals could be contacted and parents' permission would be necessary. If enough kids are interested here in working with such a program the initial enrollment could be 50. 
 Karen Beecher, one of my white friends is interested in this program. She has had experience working with a similar program in this community. She feels that the program would not be valid without black and/or latin support and help. She is willing to discuss this program with Karen Pulliam, and if the suggestion gets off the ground she is interested in helping.