Memo from Jane Gould to Catharine Stimpson, regarding two suggested projects for the Women's Center, December 6, 1971

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Catherine Stimpaon

Jane S. Gould Two euggeeted project: for the women’: Center 12-6-71

. I would like to auggeet two projects for the Women's Center for

which our office could aeeume the major reaponeibility. The first is

a meeting on graduate training for women, to be held next spring. The

need for thie wee underecored rather dramatically during a recent meeting at which faculty of the Bernard and Columbia History Department apoke about graduate echoole. The meeting woe held at Bernard and eponaored by the Barnard-Columbie Hiatory Club; but the mpheaia wee almoat entirely on men, with the exception of an excellent preeentation by Annette Baxter.

Second, I would like to euggeet e major conference focueeing on the plece of work in the livee of woen, perhape for some weekend early next fall. I believe we could do eomething good and innovative - something more than the ueual career conference. Thia would also give ue the oppor- tunity of calling on acme of the alumnae who are eo eager to work with the women‘: center, although this must b done with great care if we are to have the kid of conference I heve in mind.