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Anti-Vietnam War protest, 1972
"The Spinner's Song" dance, October 1990
Dancers in Barnard gymnasium, circa 1970s
Dancers in Barnard gymnasium, circa 1970s
Unidentified dancers, circa 1990s
Psychology test, circa 1955
Student exiting newly built Lehman Hall, circa early 1960s
Newly finished Wollman Library, circa early 1960s
Painting the walls in Lehman Hall, 1958
Unidentified student, April 1998
Lehman Hall at night, 1981
Students Walking By Lehman, circa 1970-1972
Lehman exterior, circa 1960-1970
Students passing Lehman Hall, circa 1970s
Millicent McIntosh and Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1948
Performance of "Temporary Quarters," from Dance Uptown, 1978