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Lehman Hall, Wollman Library, circa 1959
South end of Lehman Hall
Christmas tree atop Lehman at night
Lehman Hall Windows Framed By Cherry Blossoms
Newly finished Wollman Library, circa early 1960s
Barnard College campus aerial, circa early 1960s
Student exiting newly built Lehman Hall, circa early 1960s
Lehman exterior, circa 1960-1970
Barnard College Campus with Snow, circa 1960s
Student in Wollman Library (Barnard Library) print room, circa 1960s
Two students searching in Lehman, circa 1960s
Outdoor Class, circa 1960s
Librarians at Reference and Information Desk, circa 1960s
Professor LeRoy Breunig, circa 1960
Lehman Hall Lobby, circa 1960-1975
Lehman Lawn, circa 1960's