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Botany lab, circa 1890s
Mathematics class, 1897
Mortarboard editors, 1897
Barnard College Class of 1899 Graduation Portrait, circa 1898-99
Unidentified theatrical performance, 1906
The Manoeuvers of Jane performance, 1903
Barnard College Mandolin Guitar Club, 1903
The Manoeuvers of Jane performance, 1903
Ye Taming of Ye Shrew performance, 1905
Barnard College Field Day, 1905
Barnard College Class of 1909 Portrait, C1905
Barnard College Class of 1906 Picnic
Barnard College Opening Senior Procession, 1906
Barnard College Commencement, 1907
Mortarboard editors, 1908
Greek Games Chorus, 1908