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Dean Gildersleeve, December 1912
Elizabeth Waterman and Classmates, circa 1920s.
Ursula Niebuhr, circa 1940s
Dean Gildersleeve speaks with students, circa 1940s
Informal Portrait of Two Students, circa 1940s
Students sit with dog, circa 1940s
Dean Gildersleeve, 1945
Students Playing Cards, 1946
Foreign Students-Group Picture, 1947
Three foreign students sitting on couch, 1948
Millicent McIntosh and Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1948
Foreign Students from Greece, circa 1950s
Foreign students, circa 1949-1950
Students and Barnard Exterior
Foreign Student Tea, circa 1950
President McIntosh with students, circa 1950s